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3T Strada Team Stealth Frameset


He’s back. And with the 3T Strada Team Frameset, it’s like he never left. The restless mind of Gerard Vroomen could not stay way from road bike design. The design brain behind Cervélo, he walked away ..

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He’s back. And with the 3T Strada Team Frameset, it’s like he never left. The restless mind of Gerard Vroomen could not stay way from road bike design. The design brain behind Cervélo, he walked away from that company and vowed he wasn’t designing road bikes anymore. He started Open Cycle and worked on developing mountain bikes and adventure. The he started working with 3T, and he started working on road stuff. And now, a full-on aero road bike designed around wide tires and disc brakes.

The bike looks different because it is different. The hourglass head tube might be almost conventional these days, but the fork crown is different. The decision was to make it as thin as possible to drop the head tube lower and move the downtube closer to the front wheel, thus improving airflow as it passes from the front wheel to the frame. The fork legs themselves are Sqaero and wide, the better to guide the air around the wheel as well as improve fork stiffness. The left and right fork legs have different profiles because with a disc brake caliper just above the hub, they need to counteract different forces. the kink in the left leg is better for both strengthening the left leg and acting as a better shroud from the wind for the brake caliper. The right leg doesn’t have a caliper and thus can follow a straighter path from axle to crown.

  That downtube is relatively shallow and wide, and gets wider by the bottle cage. This is because they’re designing for real world aerodynamics where you’ll be running at least one bottle, if not two. There are even two sets of bottle cage bolts on the downtube. If you’re using one cage, use the lower set to optimize aerodynamics for one bottle. If you’re using two, one on the downtube, one on the seat tube, use the upper set, so the downtube bottle helps shield the seat tube bottle.

The seat tube is also aero, not only for its shaping, but it’s shielding. They call the design Arcfoil. The dimensions were made to completely shroud the leading edge of the wheel and tire from the wind, reducing turbulence and improving speed.

The seatstays are pencil-thin to improve compliance. They call it Aeroflex—aero and comfortable, to provide a little vertical give. All the same, as they’re expecting people to mount 25-28mm tires on the frame, they expect that the tires with their bigger air cushion and lower pressure, will provide most of the give.

The ride, despite the unconventional appearance, is classic road bike. They’re able to manage short 405mm stays thanks to their ability to shape carbon. The seat angle is 72.5 degrees and mated to a zero-setback post to give you positioning options. There’s a super-stable 71mm of drop. The fork rake is a conventional 43mm.

And despite its impressive aerodynamic credentials, the frame weighs a mere 970g in a Medium.

In terms of componentry, the Strada goes its own way. There is no mounting point for a front derailleur. Because they don’t believe it’s necessary. 1x these days offers 11 or 12 cogs to choose from, which can provide both a wide range and small steps between gears. Despite that reality, the reason to go with 1x is primarily aerodynamics. Getting rid of a chainring and front derailleur cleans up the air flowing around the right side of the frame, reducing drag.

3T gives as much attention to the small bits of the frameset as well as the big picture. The steerer is a tapered 1 1/8” to 1 ¼”. The seatpost, which comes with the frame and maintains 3T’s Sqaero shape,  can have the clamp flipped to provide 0 or 25mm of setback. They utilize the BB386EVO bottom bracket standard, which is both oversized and wide, thus providing torsional stiffness, light weight, and allowing for oversized bearings, which can roll smoother. It also helps keep the stays short. The brake mounting is the flatmount standard and can accept 140 or 160mm rotors. Cable mounting is internal. Thru-axles are how you mount the wheels. They’ve worked on those too, with a 100x12mm for the front and a Syntace X-12 142x12mm rear thru axle.

The max tire width is 28mm, but a more precise way to measure this is by total wheel radius. That is 344mm from the axle to the tip of the tire. This is more accurate because rim width matters when installing tires on clincher rims, and because there isn’t a standardized measure of tire widths—some 30mm tires are narrower than some 28mm tires, for example.

The frameset comes with: frame, fork, headset, seatpost, seatpost clamp, thru axles, two derailleur hangers, and noise-canceling foam sleeve for rear derailleur housing and brake hose.

The 3T Strada is a fast, different road.


  • Bottom Bracket Type BB386 Evo
  • Fork 3T FUNDI Flat Mount, 1 1/8" - 1 1/4"
  • Frame Material High Modulus Carbon Monocoque
  • Front Derailleur Type None
  • Headset 1 1/8" - 1 1/4" Integrated
  • Seatpost 3T Charlie Sqaero Strada

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